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Psychology at Roehampton

Studying Psychology Anchor

Studying Psychology

Join our team of experts and practitioners in the Department of Psychology, and become part of a community dedicated to the scientific understanding of the mind, brain and human behaviour.

Our outstanding undergraduate courses will advance your psychological knowledge and give you the chance to shape your degree around the subjects you are passionate about. You’ll explore how psychology can have a positive impact on people’s lives and learn about the latest developments in the field, as well as gain firsthand research experience in our specialist facilities.

Whether you want to learn about child development, cognitive processes, mental health, autism, criminal profiling or forensic psychology, our diverse modules will allow you to graduate with the skills and experience you need to reach your goals.

State of the Art Facilities

Our department has world class facilities to help you learn, all based at Whitelands College, a beautiful listed building next to Richmond Park.

This includes Electroencephalogram (EEG) suites to measure electrical activity in different parts of the brain, MRIs to see the structures in the brain, and eye and gaze-tracking equipment to give us a deeper understanding of ongoing mental processes during tasks, as well as multiple software systems for data processing and analysis when conducing your research.

You can check out some more information on the facilities available to you here:

Psychology Facilities  

Rich Resources

  • World-class library: Our library is stocked with thousands of books, has private bookable study rooms, access to a huge range of online resources, including thousands of e-books, journals and databases and a whole floor dedicated to silent study with breathtaking views of London.
  • University facilities: From computer labs and rentable laptops, to our specialist careers and wellbeing teams, we’re dedicated to supporting your academic and personal development here at Roehampton.
  • Practical work: Studying in our well-equipped facilities will be a core component of your degree here, giving you the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in the latest research equipment and analytical techniques.
  • Experienced lecturers: You’ll be taught by a team of lecturers who are both practitioners and actively conducting leading research in their fields. This includes breakthrough research demonstrating people with schizophrenia can train themselves to control the brain region linked to verbal hallucinations using an MRI scanner, and the development of a new screening tool for schools and nurseries around the world to help identify signs of neglect in young children.
  • Guest speakers: Learn from the real-life experiences of leading psychologists. Previously, Dr. Jasmine Childs-Fegredo has presented her research on a new model of therapy incorporating yoga for the treatment of emotional dysregulation, and Dr Jenna Jacob, Research Lead at the Child Outcomes Research Consortium, has discussed how we can support and improve youth mental health services.
  • Beautiful campus: Our stunning parkland campus offers plenty of spots to study and learn outside, whilst London’s museums are just half an hour away.
  • Commuting students: You’ll be part of an inclusive and welcoming community, whether you live on or off-campus. We’ve a dedicated bus service and College Kitchens with lockers, fridges, microwaves and powerpoints for you to eat, socialise and catch up on some work if you don’t live on campus.

Taught Modules

Roehampton has an impressive range of modules for you to study. You’ll learn how to apply psychological theory to real-life situations, gain a greater understanding of mental health, and choose modules that most interest you and your career goals.

Here are some examples of the modules you can take:


Psychology in the Real World (first year module)

Understand the history of psychological theory, research and practice, and how these impact society and professional practice today.

Understanding Mental Health (second year module)

Explore different perspectives on the causes, maintenance and treatment of mental health disorders, including Eating Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Schizophrenia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, Dementia and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.

Neuropsychology (third year module)

Explore key areas in Neuropsychology covering each major lobe of the brain as well as Neuropsychological brain disorders.

Psychology and Counselling

Practice of Counselling Skills (first year module)

From your first year you’ll begin experiential learning to develop the personal skills required to work as a counsellor. These sessions will help you apply your learning practically to become an informed practitioner.

Models of Counselling (second year module)

Building on your first year of study, you’ll trace the theoretical developments in counselling, from Freud and the psychodynamic models, through to more recent humanistic approaches and CBT. This will allow you to critically appraise the different approaches to counselling and psychology.

Managing the Counselling Process (third year module)

Investigate the complexity of the different factors involved in the process of counselling/ therapy, such as empathy, defenses and storytelling, and how these can be viewed and used in sessions. Tutors will also present case studies from their own clinical practice for you to write your own client scenario assessments.

Psychology and Criminology

Criminology: Theories, Concepts and Ideas (first year module)

You’ll be given an overview of criminological perspectives and issues, including the complexities of definitions of crime and criminal justice.

Contemporary Issues in Criminology (second year module)

This module will illustrate the role of the state in crime and social control, looking at the interplay between social policy and crime control and the evolution of criminalisation.

Criminal and Forensic Psychology (third year module)

You’ll discuss the major theoretical explanations for criminal behavior and these can help us understand these behaviours in different contexts, including policing and prison, criminal profiling and the treatment of offenders.

Therapeutic Psychology

Introduction to the Arts and Play Therapies (first year module)

Explore how the therapeutic relationship can be mediated through art to provide alternative avenues for expression and the eventual resolution of psychological and emotional issues.

Interpersonal Neurobiology (second year module)

This cutting-edge module focuses the relationship between a baby and their primary caregiver, and how this shapes specific brain structures. You’ll explore the developmental and neurological outcomes for children exposed to neglect, trauma, abuse or insecure attachment, and how the therapeutic relationship can repair some of these neurological structures.

Voluntary Experience and Personal Therapy (third year module)

This module allows students to volunteer with different organisations who directly deal with people in psychological need, as well as go to personal therapy, to give you a strong portfolio of relevant work and therapy experience. This is to enable you to better compete with other candidates should you want to go onto postgraduate study.

Hear from some of our students


Margaritis Drosakis – BSc Psychology

I chose Roehampton so I could live and study on a campus university in London, and because of the modern psychology facilities. One of the best aspects of my degree is learning about current research and participating in the research projects of 3rd year students, giving me first-hand experience. The uni has such a warm and loveable community where everyone feels welcome. Studying here really feels like a once in a lifetime opportunity. There’s no other place I could picture myself - I’ve felt like a Londoner since day one. 


Molly Elizabeth Gravestock – BSc Psychology

I wanted to study Psychology at Roehampton because I was really interested in the modules on offer, and the support available at the university. So far, my favorite module has been Developmental Psychology. It’s fascinating learning how babies grow and develop into adulthood. On campus, I love the library; it's such a great resource for studying and the view from the top floor is beautiful!  

Famous locations near us

Studying at Roehampton means you’ll have access to some of the most famous and influential locations in the UK for psychology.

This includes The Freud Museum, the Bethlem Museum of the Mind which explores the history of mental healthcare, the BPAS Library with its extensive collection of psychoanalytical material and the Science Museum.



Our research

Our staff are passionate about psychology and their real-life experience informs their teaching. They collaborate with the NHS, schools and leading cultural organisations including the Science Museum in London. Here’s some of their research:

ETHOS: Understanding how school-based counselling can support young people

Levels of mental health problems in children and young people are increasing. The Effectiveness and Cost-effectiveness Trial of Humanistic Counselling in Schools is a nationwide research project led by Professor Mick Cooper. It has established professional counselling services in 18 secondary schools to examine whether pupils in need of support improve after counselling.  

New review shows that antidepressant withdrawal is a far more severe problem that clinical guidelines claim

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has updated its guidelines around antidepressant withdrawal, following research and campaigning by Dr James Davies, who teaches in both the Department of Psychology and Department of Life Sciences at the University. His review revealed that symptoms following antidepressant withdrawal are routinely severe and that current medical guidelines should be updated so patients are properly informed of the prolonged withdrawal effects when prescribed antidepressants.

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Student Life

Student Life

Sports and Societies

When you come to the University of Roehampton, you’ll automatically become a member of Roehampton Students’ Union (RSU), one of the best and most active student unions in the country. From Dance and Rugby, to eSports and Gaming, there’s so many opportunities to get involved. The RSU also organises over 200 events every year, including weekly club nights on and off-campus, trips to the theatre and formal dinners. The RSU’s sustainability programme, Growhampton, also runs an on-campus café serving organic, local food, allotments where food for the café is grown, as well as numerous volunteering opportunities. You can read more about life at Roehampton here on our blog.

Why Roehampton?


Being a student at a campus university in London gives you the best of both worlds. We are lucky enough to have a 54-acre parkland campus to call home, and are only 30 minutes from central London.

We offer plenty of opportunities for you to get involved through playing sport, music, volunteering, or joining one of over 50 student societies. We also have catering outlets, across campus, and each College has social spaces where you can meet up with your friends and relax.

Our campus is close to Putney, Hammersmith and Wimbledon, which each have wide a range of shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. With central London so close, you can easily access the wealth of culture, entertainment and dining options the capital has to offer.



We have among the most affordable student accommodation in London and can offer all new students a place in halls. We have a range of options to suit all tastes and budgets. Each room is:

  • Single occupancy
  • Furnished
  • En-suite or semi en-suite
  • Self-catered with shared kitchen facilities

Fees also include utility bills and contents insurance. We have Flat Reps and wardens living in on-campus accommodation to provide support and information when you need it.

View our on-campus accommodation  

Support services

Support services

Meet our Wellbeing Team


At Roehampton we are focused on ensuring you succeed, and have a wide range of support services to help you at every step of your journey.

Wellbeing – our team are able to provide personal wellbeing support, professional counselling and mental health support. Each college has a Student Wellbeing Officer and a College Warden, the latter is available after hours for all on campus students.

Medical – we have an on-site NHS medical centre which provides doctor and nurse-led services.

Disability and dyslexia – we encourage students to let us know about specific needs so we can work with you to tailor our support.

Financial – we have a wide range of scholarships, and a student hardship fund for those students in financial difficulty.

Chaplaincy – our diverse community is reflected in our multi-faith chaplaincy and we have a number of spaces for worship.

Study support – all students have an Academic Guidance Tutor, as well as access to library support and online study resources.

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Next steps

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We hope you found our Digital Open Day informative

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